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Gas Meters

Norgas Controls, Inc. is the exclusive source for Regulation & Measurement products.
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Itron diaphragm meters offer measurement accuracy for light commercial applications ranging from 2 to 2000 cfh (natural gas @14.73 psia.) All meters available with pulse output.

The Dattus is completely unique from any other gas metering device on the market. The Itron Dattus meters offer the capabilities of rotary meters without any moving parts. Unlike a Rotary or Turbine meter, the Dattus Meter does not require oil and will not lock up from pipeline debris.

Dattus III FM1/FM2/FM3 Gas Meters

Model FM1 – 2” Flange 8C to 3M capacity Model FM2 – 2” Flange or 3” Flange 2M to 11M capacity Model FM3 - 4” Flange 7M to 56M capacity
  • No Moving Parts – Static Measurement Technology
  • Field Upgradeable
  • Pulse outputs
  • Mounts in any direction
  • Fixed Factor Correction
  • Live Volume Correction
  • Modbus Communication

Dattus III FM1/FM2/FM3.PDF
Dattus III Pulse Output Overview.PDF
Dattus Installation Guide.PDF
Fluid Oscillation Technical Paper.PDF

Dattus Operational Video.wmv


Diaphragm Gas Meters

NG4 Gas Meter

The NG4 Gas Meter is now approved for use in California under the California Type Evaluation Program (CTEP) and approved for use in the State of Massachusetts.

The NG4 is the ONLY gas meter approved by National Conference of Weights and Measures (NTEP) and NIST Handbook 44. 

·California Approved (CTEP) NG4_CTEP_Approval.pdf
State of Massachusetts Approved
National Approved (NTEP) NG4_NTEP_Approval.pdf
Pulse Output
·Aluminum Body
·Sealed Body


·Submetering Applications
·Pulse Output
·Sealed Register
·Aluminum Body

The NG4 gas meter is in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Gallus 2000 Gas Meter

Itron Metris 250

Itron Model 400A Commercial Meter

·Compact Size
·Pulse Output

Gallus 2000 PDF

·Outdoor use
·Pulse Output
·Temp Compensation

Metris PDF

·Outdoor use
·Pulse Output
·Temp Compensation

400A PDF

A Series Commercial Meter

·Outdoor use
·Pulse Output
·Temp Compensation

'A' Series PDF


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