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NDM Pulse Cable

Pulse cable is compatible with our NDM Rotary gas meters. Pulse rate is variable pending the meter model used. This product is well-suited for any device that will accept a reed switch type output. Commonly used in applications where the meter is installed higher than eye level or wireless remote metering is required. The NDM Pulse Cable offers more control and flexibility in some of the most uncommon meter applications.

Counters/Totalizers (Remote Metering Options)


These 8-digit LCD totalizers offer an inexpensive means of reading a meter at a remote location.


  • 8-Digit display

  • Push-button Reset

  • 10-year Lithium Battery

  • Sold separately or in a NEMA 3 enclosure package

  • Perfect compliment to the NORGAS PULSAR


Gaskets and Gasket Strainers

Gasket strainers are an inexpensive, highly effective way to protect downstream equipment from loose scale, weld beads, grit and other foreign material. Our strainers are made with 304SS 80 mesh screen. Strainers in stock for immediately delivery!

Gas Meter Install Kit

Gas Meter Install Kit
(Bolts included but not pictured above)

Gas Meter Kit (not water) includes 2 flanges, 1 gasket, 1 gasket strainer, and bolts.
(All are also sold separately.)

Springs and Orifices

Norgas Controls Inc. stocks thousands of regulator parts to assist in meeting your application requirements. This allows us to build nearly every regulator model we offer and ship to you or your client in a very minimal amount of time.

3/4" Unions

This 3/4" Black union makes the NG4 installation process a breeze!

Water Meter Couplings / Connections

NMT stocks numerous 3/4" water meter couplings. Polymer and Lead-Free Brass are available.

TM-Series Install Kit

TM-Series Kit (water) includes 2 flanges, 2 gaskets, and bolts.
(All are also sold separately.)

Polymer Spacer Tubes

Spacer Tubes are commonly used for line flushing and new construction jobs.


  • ST-50: 3/4", 5" length

  • ST-75: 3/4", 7.5" length

  • ST-1: 1", 10.75" length

Lead-Free Brass Ball Valves

Brass Ball Valve (Threaded).pdf

Brass Ball Valve (Solder).pdf


  • Blow-out proof stem

  • 600WOG/150WSP

  • Locking Handle option

  • 100% leak tested

  • Threaded and Solder available


  • FM Approval (1/2"-2")

  • CSA Certified (1/4"-2")

  • IAPMO Certified (NSF & UPC)

  • UL Listed (1/4"-2") Up to 175 PSI


1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", 3", 4"

EZ Clip

The EZ clip is a convenient solution that will attach transmitters to meters and piping. This versatile clip is universal, allowing you to attach transmitters to nearly every meter on the market.

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